Overview & History

AMBER Consulting is an independent firm established in 2006.

We offer a comprehensive range of hospitality, business strategy, and mixed-use consulting services.
Our international market knowledge and extensive scope of professional expertise rendered us highly reputable consulting specialists in the region.
We provide a wide range of hospitality, restaurant, hotel, resort and mixed-use real estate expertise and help our clients create unique upscale signature destinations.
We are advisory experts providing our clients with tools to reach success at every phase of the process - from inception to the project execution.
We also offer advisory services related to public sector initiatives within the tourism sector.

About Ralph Nader, CEO and Founder

A renowed figure in the hospitality industry.

Ralph Nader completed his studies at the "École Hôtelière de Lausanne" in Switzerland.
Upon his return to Lebanon, he developed a number of outstanding hospitality projects across the country, from resorts to mixed-use developments.
In 2006, Ralph created Amber Consulting, a consulting firm that offers advisory services in the tourism and hospitality sector.
With the creation of Amber, Ralph re-affirmed "the need for a deep understanding of traditions and an intuition towards new trends in the global market".
Over the years, Ralph has worked with an impressive number of clients across the world, including The Arabian Gulf, Europe, Southeast Asia, Iran, and North Africa.
Regarded as one of the most knowledgeable experts in the hospitality industry, he publishes articles on a regular basis in specialized magazines.

Our Role Is Central!

For any dimension of any project, we have a central role in adding value and establishing the link between all parties.